T9Spelling - GCJ 2010 (Africa)

Posted on March 23, 2010

Below is a problem from the qualification round of 'Google Code Jam 2010 - Africa':


The Latin alphabet contains 26 characters and telephones only have ten digits on the keypad. We would like to make it easier to write a message to your friend using a sequence of keypresses to indicate the desired characters. The letters are mapped onto the digits as shown below. To insert the character B for instance, the program would press 22. In order to insert two characters in sequence from the same key, the user must pause before pressing the key a second time. The space character ' ' should be printed to indicate a pause. For example, 2 2 indicates AA whereas 22 indicates B.


The first line of input gives the number of cases, N. N test cases follow. Each case is a line of text formatted as:


Each message will consist of only lowercase characters a-z and space characters ' '. Pressing zero emits a space.


For each test case, output one line containing "Case #x: " followed by the message translated into the sequence of keypresses.


1 ≤ N ≤ 100.

Small dataset

1 ≤ length of message in characters ≤ 15.

Large dataset

1 ≤ length of message in characters ≤ 1000.

Sample Input

foo bar
hello world


Case #1: 44 444
Case #2: 999337777
Case #3: 333666 6660 022 2777
Case #4: 4433555 555666096667775553

There's also a pictorial representation of the problem statement, which I didn't attach to this post. If you want, you can check the link: GCJ 2010 - T9Spelling

The solution for the above problem is pretty easy. Below is my Java solution:

The solution for the above problem can be coded in a couple of other creative ways, but the above solution is fast and works good enough, although it has a trade-off in memory complexity (in the form of HashMap).

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